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  • Two (2) 20-minute halves on a running clock.
  • With the exception of calling timeouts, the clock ONLY stop during the LAST 2 minutes of each the game for every whistle, free throws, and errors.
  • Halftime will consist of two (2) minutes.
  • Only Four (4) time outs per game allotted for each team. Only Two (2) per half.
  • Overtime period is 3 minutes. No additional timeouts are given for this period.
  • If the score is tied after a 2nd overtime, the first team to score 4 or more points in the 3rd OT wins.
  • If a winner is NOT determined by the end of the 3rd OT, the game will result in a DRAW.

Start of the Game

  • The game will begin with a jump ball followed by alternating possessions on jump ball calls.
  • This is a 5-on-5 league, but a team may START with 4 players to avoid forfeit. Subs MUST be on the book and in attendance by the end of the 1st quarter of play in the game.
  • ATTENDANCE RULE: Teams must start the game with at least four (4) eligible players.
  • If a team has less than four (4) players are present after a 10 minute grace period to start of the game, the game clock will start and run until the team has at least four (4) players are in uniform and ready to play.
  • Technical FTs will be awarded to the opponent for each minute that runs off the game clock (up to 10 minutes).
  • That team will Forfeit the game if four (4) eligible players area still not available before 10 minutes run off the game clock.


  • Subs can only be made on stoppage of play and the player must check in at scoring table or official does not have to allow player to enter the game.
  • Please remember! All subs MUST be on the book and in attendance by the END of the 1st half or the official does not have to allow player to enter the game.
  • A player fouls out and is disqualified from the game on his 5th foul.
  • The ball is played on the release of ALL free throws shot at the foul line.
  • PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: A player must play a minimum of two (2) regular season games to be eligible to participate in the postseason tournament.
  • If a team loses two (2) or more eligible players due to injury or availability and/or has less than 6 players available, a replacement free agent player can be added. After adding one (1) replacement free agent, the opposing team’s captain must agree for any other additional player to participate.


  • UNIFORM RULE: Each player must wear TEAM shirt/jersey with their assigned number for every game. First offense = warning/opponent get two (2) FTs + ball to start game.
    Any additional offense = $25 fine (Player can not participate until the fine is paid)
  • TECHNICAL FOUL RULE: If a player receives more than two (2) technical foul in a season, that player will be fined $25 for the 3rd and any additional offense. (Player can not participate until the fine is paid and is subject to being banned from the league)
  • PAYMENT FAILURE RULE: All teams must pay the balance of their team fee by the 3rd week of the season. Failure to complete payments will result in a $25 fine being added to the balance. If the balance is not paid beyond the 4th week of the season, the team is subject to being disqualified for the remainder of the season. (The team can not participate until the balance is paid)