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The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, peace of mind, or even your happiness. Our theme is Purpose and our intent is to establish impact through sports that will have positively change lives and the community around us. With goals of inspiring, motivating, and uplifting athletes and all other participants to get involved in the community, and in turn, get the community involved in the lives of those seeking direction, focus, and support. We feel that by using sports programs and events, that we can reach out to a great deal of youth and young adults.

We want to raise awareness of our main focuses:
1. relationship with God
2. fellowship and networking
3. helping others


Providing competitive sports and events to the community with a Purpose. We will host sports leagues & tournaments, as well as fellowship & community activities. We are working to eventually begin offering training, development, and exposure for athletes who seek to participate in sports on higher competitive levels.

General Information

Owner: Kentavius Peterson
Team/Staff: Davids Sams, Cleveland Flowers, Telemachus Bell
Established in 2009.